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Bullet Casing         Wade Caldwell has experience providing civil legal evidence photography services for more than 10 years. Working for law firms specializing mainly in corporate defense litigation, Wade's photos have been integral in achieving the desired outcome in many high profile cases.
        He works closely with expert witnesses during the course of discovery, and though many experts take their own pictures, Wade's photographic documentation goes beyond duplication. Bringing his talents as a commercial and product photographer to bear, Wade's photos can make clear and obvious what might otherwise have to be tediously explained to a jury. His experience photographing everything from architecture to jewelry is applied in creating uniquely clear and illustrative documentary photos which showcase applicable evidential details. In addition, he keeps versed in techniques specific to evidence photography through educational forensic seminars by, and membership in, the Evidence Photographers International Council (EPIC).
        Unlike photos by an expert witness which may not be allowed in evidence if the expert's testimony is for some reason determined inadmissable, Wade's photos have always been admitted since his participation is as a documentary photographer, not an expert witness. All he can be required to testify to is how he took a photo and whether it accurately represents the evidence. This is usually stipulated to without resort to testimony. That's assurance you need when trying a case.
        Wade also provides unedited time marked video for documenting evidence custody and handling, and exemplar testing. Both still and video photography can be provided at the same inspection.
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