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Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws

     The only authorized use or downloading of images or other intellectual property on this website is that involved in the viewing of the website through the normal viewing process of the browser.    All the intellectual property exhibited on this website, including photos, logos, graphics, HTML, etc., are protected by U.S. copyright laws, international intellectual property rights treaties and worldwide copyright laws, and the additional Terms and Conditions here.
      For more information about U.S. copyright law, visit the Library of Congress Copyright Law website here.   For further information on international intellectual property rights treaties and protections, you can read about the Berne Convention here, and learn about the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Copyright Treaty here.
       To secure authorized use or reproduction rights for any images on this website, contact Wade Caldwell Photography at (954) 581-0024.

Photos on this website are Copyright © Wade Caldwell 1980-2017 and are registered with the U.S. Copyright office, Library of Congress, and therefore carry felony criminal penalties (17 U.S.C. 506), and statutory civil penalties of up to $150,000.00 each (17 U.S.C. 504(c)(2)) for unauthorized use. Protections and penalties apply worldwide under international intellectual property rights treaties (Berne Convention and WIPO Treaty). For more information click here. This website is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024x768.
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